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1057 Louisiana Hwy 2

Sterlington LA




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Sunday Service

Sunday am worship 10:30am

Sunday night 6 pm live.


Wednesday night bible class 7pm

First Friday Bible study 7pm

Men’s prayer meeting 2nd Saturday 7pm

Women’s prayer meeting 3rd Friday 7pm


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Welcome to North Pointe Pentecostal Church  thank you so much for visiting our website! As you may have noticed at North Pointe we have a Passion for God and Compassion for People. We don't claim to be perfect, but we do love God, we love people, and we strive to exemplify this love daily. We're just like you--you see us cheering at little league games; we're your neighbors down the street; you pass us in the cereal aisle at Wal-mart; we're in the car next to you waiting for the train to pass; our family is in the booth behind your's at Pizza Hut. North Pointe is full of people just like you, people who are saved by grace and are seeking a deeper relationship with God.


North Pointe is a place of warmth and safety in an often crazy world. At North Pointe you can feel the presence of the almighty God--He is real and will meet your needs if you only ask. This is a place where you can find comfort, healing, salvation, and restoration. We're not going to pressure you and we're not going to force you out of your personal comfort zone--we are going to let you experience the presence of God and we're going to let Him meet your needs.


As you continue to explore our website you will notice that we have a plethora of ministries and activities available to your family. We like to call ourselves a "cradle to wrinkle" church because we offer something for every member of your family no matter their age! Please continue to browse our website at your leisure; our About Us page has a lot of valuable information concerning our history and beliefs, while this page also includes a "FAQ" section devoted to answering any questions you may have so you will know what to expect in our services.


We also invite you to also be our guest in service on Sunday or Wednesday. We promise, you will not be disappointed by North Pointe, but more importantly you will not be disappointed by God!